Florentine Paudel, M.Sc. BEd B.Sc.

Lese-/Rechtschreibschwierigkeiten unter inklusiver Perspektive-Eine Rekonstruktion der Handlungsrahmen von Lehrkräften in Integrationsklassen der Sekundarstufe

Betreuung: Michelle Proyer, Gottfried Biewer
Zeitraum: November 2017 - Jänner 2021
Kontakt: florentine.paudel@univie.ac.at

Dyslexia experiences a wide discourse in different countries. So far, scientific research has not been able to provide consistent results on causes, support and opportunities. This heterogeneous finding leads to a lack of agreement on diagnosis and promotion in educational practice, which in turn leads to uncertainty among teachers in dealing with this phenomenon. However, enactments and curricula in Austria claim the right to individual support, requiring teachers to address this issue. For this reason, the author's dissertation deals with the framework of action of teachers in secondary integration classes in Vienna.

With the help of a qualitative design, which provides guide-centered interviews (8-10) and group discussions (2-3), the research questions, which are related to the orientation framework and possibilities for action of teachers, are to be answered. The evaluation of the data (guide-centered interviews, group discussions) should be carried out with the help of the documentary method according to Bohnsack (2014) and Nohl (2017), since this method enables a reconstruction of the practical experiences and provides information about the action orientations.

This research design would provide important results on how teachers in integration classes construct their framework of action in relation to individuals with difficulties in reading and/or writing. From this, conclusions can be drawn as to where school is on the way to inclusion. Furthermore, this study allows a differentiated view of teacher education in terms of reading/writing difficulties. Here reference is made to secondary school curricula, which demand individualization and differentiation. However, as part of teacher training, there is no explicit emphasis on reading and writing processes, so it could be assumed that prospective teachers in integration classes (German teacher, support teacher, special education teacher) will construct a framework for action through training, experience, exchange with colleagues, and so on.