Valéria Schörghofer-Queiroz, MA, BA

Culturally and linguistically diverse parents’ identities and school involvement under investigation

Betreuung: Eva Vetter
Zeitraum: 2019-2022
Mitarbeiterin der Sprachlehr- und -lernforschung

As pointed out by previous research and official reports, pupil’s good performance at school is closely linked to parental involvement, and putting down existent barriers between schools and CLD families is crucial for the development of their children. This dissertation addresses a thus far under-researched topic at the potentially conflicting interface between plurality and uniformity. It aims to analyze how CLD adults with kindergarten and school-aged children negotiate and construct their identity as a CLD parent in the context of their children’s kindergarten or school. To achieve this goal, we will conduct a qualitative research with CLD parents, which will collect data from diary entries, interviews and observations. The theory that provides the scaffold for our research draws on concepts of multilingual self, identity and positioning (Bucholtz & Hall, 2005; Kramsch, 2009; Norton, 2013). The expected results of this research intend to contribute to the academic field of Educational and Applied Linguistics, and point out the successes and the shortcomings in the relationship between CLD parents and their children’s schools. The outcomes will also be valuable for enhancing the possibilities of school involvement for CLD parents and for preparing future teachers to act culturally responsive in schools. Therefore, a study in this area is not only important to enrich academic discussions, but it is also a contribution to enhance educational equity.