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In between formal and informal learning: L3-learning in online tandems

Duration: 2013–2016
Funding: European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency – Lifelong Learning Programme
Project number: FA 452003, 543237-LLP-1-AT-KA2-KA2MP
Project coordination:
Language Teaching and Learning Research
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The European Union demands multilingualism of its residents; however, while English enjoys its widespread position as the first foreign language taught in schools, Europeans lag behind in their knowledge of the so-called third languages, so all languages besides the mother tongue and English (in non-English-speaking countries).

Consequently, the EU-funded project L3-TASK aims at the promotion of acquiring additional foreign languages through an innovative approach: supplementing conventional language classes in an institutional setting with online tandems. L3-TASK focuses on three languages that are often taught as a third language: German, Spanish and Chinese. Tandem partnerships between students of various institutions in Europe and China were initiated and constantly scientifically reinforced.

The project could achieve several outcomes. A pedagogical concept for tandem learning was developed as a supplement to formal language teaching and the language corpus consisting of audio material of the online tandem sessions provides the basis for further studies on various theories regarding third language acquisition. Furthermore, a comprehensive handbook about language learning in online tandems is accessible and the project website continues to coordinate new online tandems even after the end of the project duration and provides information for language learners and teachers.


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