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Language, Learning, Stories

Duration: 15.1.2017–30.4.2018
Funding: Funding Initiative Top Citizen Science, by BMWFW & OeAD
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Literacy – the use of writing and written language – is part of our every-day social practices. Learning to read and write is more than just developing technical skills and language acquisition is more than just learning words. The use of the written word is considered here as a collection of interactive processes between texts, authors, readers, languages, contexts, institutions and societies that shape and are shaped by literacy practices in specific social contexts. This project asks for the many aspects of literacy-related practices and learning processes as experienced by language learners and literacy users.

Citizens are encouraged to share their personal experiences with literacy and language learning by creating Digital Literacy Narratives, a combination of Digital Storytelling and Literacy Narratives. Digital Literacy Narratives (DLN) are first-hand narratives about reading, writing and language learning in any form, context or media. These digital stories are composed of language(s) in oral or written form combined with images, video, music, motion or other modes.

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