Doctoral programme in Teacher Education (DP.LB)

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Currently, more than 70 doctoral candidates from several faculties and departments of the University of Vienna are working on questions of learning and teaching at schools. On the one hand, the Centre for Teacher Education (ZLB) aims to be a place for networking and exchange with the establishment of a doctoral programme for these doctoral students. On the other hand, it strives to support research and make excellent research in this area visible.

Target group

The doctoral programme in Teacher Education is aimed at all doctoral candidates who work and conduct research on questions of teaching and learning at schools.

The combination of new theoretical approaches, the comprehensive examination of various (qualitative and quantitative) empirical methods as well as coaching, counselling and support in preparing for the public presentation at the faculty results in a doctoral programme tailored to the needs of the doctoral candidates.

Module overview

The doctoral programme in Teacher Education comprises 6 modules, with 1 module per semester. *)

Change of perspectiveFields of doctoral researchTheory & Methodology
Ideas & InitiativesTraining workshop

Coaching & Counselling

*) We will provide more information about the respective modules shortly.


As a fellow in the doctoral programme in Teacher Education you benefit from a wide range of offers and activities:

  • Interdisciplinary exchange
  • Expanding knowledge of theories and methods in the context of specific workshops and guest lectures with national and international experts
  • Discussing current topics in an academic context
  • Assistance in preparing for the public presentation at the Faculty
  • Exchange of experiences and counselling with senior fellows and supervisors
  • Contact to the academic community
  • Academic retreats in and around Vienna for networking, discussions and the creation of own academic impulses
  • Travel allowances
  • Credits for participation in the offers of the doctoral programme in Teacher Education under the doctoral agreement

It is a prerequisite that the doctoral candidates participate in the offers of the doctoral programme in Teacher Education. In addition, we encourage doctoral candidates to contribute their topics and ideas to help with the organisation of workshops, guest lectures and conferences.


Applicants have to submit the following application documents:

  • Letter of motivation about your personal interest in the doctoral programme in Teacher Education – with reference to your intended doctoral project (max. 2 A4 pages)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Confirmation of enrolment; intended doctoral project at the University of Vienna relevant to the topic of school, teaching, teacher education
  • Abstract of the intended doctoral project (max. 1 A4 page)
  • (Informal) confirmation of supervision

We look forward to receiving your application until 3 October 2017!

Please send your application documents by e-mail to Pia Lindner:

 Doctoral programme in Teacher Education (german version)