Austrian Educational Competence Centres

The Austrian Competence Centres for Didactics (Austrian Educational Competence Centers - AECC) for biology, chemistry and physics were founded at the University of Vienna on December 2nd, 2005 through a joint initiative with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. At the Center for Teacher Education, these together form the platform for didactics of natural sciences (AECCs).

The six AECCs set up across Austria pursue the goal of researching, developing and advising in the area of ​​teaching and learning of the respective subject as well as being active in teaching and further education. The results should flow into teaching, teacher training and school development, into the scientific community and as management-knowledge in educational administration and educational policy. Subject didactics as the science of teaching and learning of a subject is seen as a professional science for teachers and therefore particularly important for their professional development. The centres are committed to a close link between theory and practice, the balance of subject reference and interdisciplinarity, the consideration of gender mainstreaming and gender sensitivity, a partnership-based inclusion of those affected and a situation-appropriate balance between action and reflection as well as autonomy and networking. This requires a high standard of self-direction and self-evaluation.


Competence Centre of the University of Vienna:


Competence Centre of the University of Klagenfurt: