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One of key tasks of the Centre is to promote and initiate research in the areas of teaching and learning, and to make it available for practical education at school. Its main research activities and projects are represented by three thematic areas, which range from theory-based, historical basic research in the area of social sciences to questions of the professionalisation of teachers, and practical teaching and learning research.

Teaching-related basic research

The focus of this area is on basic research into school teaching, which comprises the theory of education and school, as well as the history and systematics of education in the context of cultural history, based on analysis of social science approaches. This area also covers the theoretical foundation of subject didactics, as well as research into individual general aspects of teaching (e.g. classroom interaction).

Research on teacher professionalisation

Here, the focus of research is on the continuum of professionalisation and on drawing up sustainable programmes for the qualification and professionalisation of (future) teachers. This research area also comprises the analysis of professional knowledge (e.g. pedagogical content knowledge and teacher learning), facilitation and control of processes of learning and education, responses to violence, bullying and fear (including clinical/psychological research approaches), as well as school development (educational leadership).

The Centre regards it as its task to devote special attention and dedicate research efforts to certain themes that are relevant across different faculties, and to respond to challenges of educational policy. In this regard, we place special importance on the acquisition of cross-sectional expertise, such as social and personal skills, diagnostic competence, feedback and support skills, prevention of violence, and competence with regard to diversity and specific needs for support (inclusive education).

Teaching-related teaching and learning research

This thematic area primarily covers subject didactics, and particularly subject-related and cross-curricular learning processes in pupils. Its research focuses on subject-related and subject-specific didactic problems of the transformation of subject matter into teaching and learning processes, as well as the analysis and development of teachers’ professional knowledge and practice. The non-subject-related research areas particularly include political studies, language teaching and language learning. Teaching and learning in a situation of diversity and heterogeneity, as well as the challenge of inclusive schooling, are further areas of research.

Future key topics

In the next few years, new cross-sectional topics will become the focus of interdisciplinary research, taking into account the rapid changes of our globalised knowledge and innovation society. Key topics will be:

  • the changes in media technology and their implications for teaching and learning;
  • education processes in the context of migration and globalisation;
  • changed forms of organisation and structures of schools as a prerequisite for the teaching of tomorrow.