Marco Mogiani, BA MA

From Greece to Austria: migrants' acts of resistance, engagement and citizenship within the host society

Supervision: Dirk Lange
Period: 2018–2022

After conducting an ethnographic fieldwork on migrants’ living conditions in Greece during the so-called “refugee crisis”, the current research project aims at retracing migrants’ journeys through Europe, their integration into the country of destination, and the coveted fulfilment of their dreams. It will critically engage with the concept of citizenship, analysing how this is simultaneously historically and socially constructed through national and European constitutional provisions, and differently experienced, enacted, and engaged by those migrants who use their voices and actions to claim social and economic rights. Intersectional analysis is employed to unveil how the combination of citizenship and migration laws engenders class, gender, racial, and national inequalities among and within migrants. This research project will aim at ideating and implementing more inclusive migration policies and citizenship practices at both European and national levels, which take into consideration the aspirations, needs and claims of migrants themselves.