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Sustainability is an omnipresent topic for teachers and further training in this subject area is in high demand. In schools, education for sustainable development is often thought of at the individual level and in this context addresses individual consumption, individual mobility and nutrition. While this is an important level of consideration, a holistic view of sustainable education must also include the system level, i.e. the level of economic policy and regulatory structures. This first step, from the micro to the macro level, is what the EcoGreen project wants to put into perspective. However, we want to go one step further and expand the consideration of sustainable economic policy to include the perspective of alternative forms of economy and prosperity.

In the EcoGreen project, we want to focus on the economic policy level and thinking in terms of alternatives in the context of education for sustainable development and make it present for teachers. For this purpose, principles of critical socio-economic education are to be combined with alternative concepts to growth-driven capitalism. This combination puts a different emphasis on education for sustainable development than is usually found in the school sector. We want to train teachers, and secondarily also students, in the field of economic policy, sustainability and alternative economic orders and ideas of prosperity, and thus enable both teachers and students to act as critically-active subjects in the context of sustainable economic policy. In the course of this, they will be enabled to think not only at the individual level but also at the socio-political level and to assess sustainability policy in all its complexity, but also in its formability, and to be able to influence it through action.

Project goals: All results are closely related and were developed by education experts from theory and practice.
Output 1: A compendium forms the didactically prepared factual basis for further training and lesson preparation for teachers.
Output 2: A teaching and learning manual that provides concrete teaching materials to meet teachers' needs for practical materials.
Output 3: Teachers will be trained in critical socio-economic education through a blended learning course.
Output 4: A learning platform will provide teachers with the opportunity to train, exchange, continue the project idea and promote the sustainability of the project.

Project period02/2022 – 07/2024


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