Cooperation with the UniClub

Duration: since 2015
Contact: Eva Vetter, Lena Schwarzl

The UniClub ( offers support to adolescents (between 13 and 19 years of age) with experiences of displacement or migration on their road to graduation. Students of the class “Kommunikationsräume” (offered in the field of Language Learning and Teaching) volunteer to accompany and tutor pupils once a week in various school subjects. The UniClub offers university students the possibility to gain experience both regarding work with groups/in a team (LernClub) and regarding the accompaniment of individual studying and learning (StudyBuddy). Ever since the winter term of 2019/20, students in teacher training and of linguistics have been carrying out a research project together with the UniClub. Students of both fields have cooperated with the UniClub studying club in the context of the classes “PS Thematische Vertiefung II: Conversation Analysis for Second Language Acquisition” (Lecturer: Julia Renner – Linguistics) and “PS Kommunikationsräume” (Lecturer: Lena Schwarzl – Teacher Training).