IN-COLLABORATE – Inclusive Learning Settings for School-Community Collaboration

IN-COLLABORATE will produce research-based training materials to inform teacher education modules and teacher educators in both partner countries. Examining the good practices of school-community collaborations in Austria and Nepal will lead to developing a set of teacher training materials for teacher educators. The teacher education in both countries will benefit from collaborative training, research and knowledge-exchange activities between the biggest teacher education institutions of the both countries. The overall objective is to elaborate scientific knowledge and good practice examples to further develop the capacities of teachers and professionals in the area of education, inclusion, and sustainable community development. Thus, IN-COLLABORATE engages in research on educational practices at the nexus of inclusion, sustainable community development and teacher education. Empirical international research covering diverse contexts is regarded as a key element to inform teacher training programs as well as deepen the understanding of the links between inclusive education and inclusive community development. In the first phase of the project, IN-COLLABORATE will identify the good practices of school-community collaboration in inclusive education and sustainable community development in both countries. Research will be carried out at selected schools and communities in Nepal and Austria. In the second phase, participatory research and training workshops will bring together partners from the two countries as well as stakeholders from schools and communities. During the workshops, the good practice materials will be discussed and further adjusted. The set of training materials will be distributed to schools, communities and teacher educators. As both universities are important teacher training institutions, incorporating the findings into their teaching programs is a crucial step to sustainably equip future professionals with relevant knowledge and skills to successfully establish school-community collaborations.

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