Academic staff


Student Assistants

  • Nika Ovrutcki
  • Teresa Trimmel




Scientific project staff

  • Nicole Gotling
  • Johanna Grath
  • Alexandra Gutschik
  • Barbara Hager
  • Anna Montini
  • Lisa-Katharina Möhlen
  • Yvonne Parg
  • Marlies Petritsch
  • Susanne Prummer
  • Elvira Seitinger


Former staff



the inclusive pedagogy team at Kahlenberg with Vienna in the background

Teamexcursion, Fall 2021 (from left to right: Nika, Norina, Eva, Michelle, Tina, Teresa, Barbara; not pictured: Aleksandra, Nicole, Gertraud, Michael)

The work area of inclusive education also closely cooperates with academics at the Department of Education, e.g., with Tobias Buchner and Seyda Subasi who also teach courses in inclusive education.