Researchplattform #Youth Media Life

DurationJuliy2018 - December 2024
GrantUniversity of Vienna
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The interdisciplinary research platform #YouthMediaLife is led by Susanne Reichl and Ute Smit at the Department of English and American Studies and brings together a research team from four faculties and one center. The team investigates the media lifeworlds of young people from different theoretical and methodological perspectives.

The digital education team was awarded two #YML seed grants in 2021:


Researchgroup Subjectorientation in Didactics 


Subject orientation refers to learners and their potentials, comprehension and needs in the context of teaching and learning processes. In this context, the so-called subjective conceptions in the sense of ideas, comprehension, and general thoughts that learners have about a particular topic will be studied by the research group of which Fares Kayali is a member. A key component of the research group will be digitalization in the context of schools.