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Academic Staff

Head of Group


Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Fares Kayali

Fares Kayali is Professor for Digitalisation in Education at the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Vienna. His research and teaching are situated in the interdisciplinary field connecting computer science, didactics, and society. His research interests include user-centered design, critical aspects of digital transformation, and digital games.



Dipl. Dr. Barbara Göbl

Barbara Göbl is a Computer Scientist with a focus on applied, interdisciplinary research. She works in the field of serious games and technology-enhanced learning.


Mag.a Dr. Elisabeth Günther

Elisabeth Anna Günther is a social scientist. Her research addresses gender, diversity, and intersectionality in and through education, educational organisation and digitalisation.  

Project researchers

Mirjam Duvivié, BEd, MSc

Mirjam Duvivié has a Master in Mental Health in Education and is a project assistant with "Working Sober" and "Serious Game Changers"

Selina Gartner, MA

Selina Maria Gartner is an educational scientist with a focus on social inequality in educational institutions. She is a project assistant on ELEMeNT.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Oliver Hödl

Oliver Hödl (PhD, Vienna University of Technology) studies new ways of STEM education in schools and university teaching using music instruments. He is also affiliated with the research group Cooperative Systems at the University of Vienna and works as a multi-disciplinary postdoctoral researcher with an interest in Human-Computer Interaction, design and music computing. 

Mag. Georg Nöhrer

Georg Nöhrer is a project assistant in the "Teaching Digital Thinking" project. 

Mag. Vera Schwarz

Vera Schwarz is a political scientist, adult educator and PhD student with a preference for qualitative research methods who is involved in the project "Teaching Digital Thinking".

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DI Matthias Steinböck

Matthias Steinböck is a software engineer, games researcher and a project assistant in the "Teaching Digital Thinking” project (on leave until November 2023).

Petra Weixelbraun, BA

Petra Weixelbraun is a project assistant in the "Serious Game Changers" project. She has a background in media pedagogy and is currently doing an Master in Education Pelin Yüksel-Arslan

Pelin Yüksel Arslan is an educational scientist with a focus on educational technologies. She is a project assistant (postdoc) in the "Teaching Digital Thinking" project. 

Administrative Staff


Mag.a Alexandra Miltner

Organisational assistant

Former Team members

Since 2019

  • Celina Beck, BA
  • Ramona Cidej, MA
  • Diego Gúzman-Medrano, MEd.
  • Dr. David Haselberger
  • Thomas Kolar
  • Naemi Luckner
  • Dr.x Katta Spiel