Workshop IV - September 28th 2021





3.45 Technical check-in

4.00 Welcome and Introductions (Sabine Krause & Katharina Resch)


Impulse Keynote

4.10 Towards the ontopolitics of onlineification (Dr. Robert Braun)

4.45 Questions and Answers, Discussion (Michelle Proyer)


Parallel Workshops

5 to 6 pm

Workshop 1: Walk through Virtual Reality (Christoph Pressler & Helut Hlavacs)

Workshop 2: Transcending time and space to experience a shared reality in online teaching: About our ethnographic study of online teaching and the use of a Schutzian perspective on time, space and sociality (Clemens Wieser & Malene Engsig Brodersen)


6 pm Reporting from Parallel Workshops and Discussion

6.30 End of Workshop