Trauma-Informed Practices in Teaching and Learning

Trauma-Informed Practices in Teaching and Learning.

Reflecting Lived Experience Funded by Chicago – Vienna Faculty Grant Program Partnership with University of Chicago.

The overall aim of this research is understood as being fully embedded in the field of action research (Armstrong & Tsokova, 2019).

Students and instructors reflect and further develop their teaching and learning practices in the context of trauma-informed environments. In seminars at the University of Vienna, Centre for Teacher Education and Department of Education students will learn to develop critical incidents, reflect upon their lived experience and gain knowledge of trauma-informed concepts, theories and practices in their professional contexts. Students at the University of Chicago in the following programs will be the target of coursework and workshops that build their self-reflective and critical understanding of trauma-informed concepts, theories and practice: Crown Family School Trauma Responsive Social Work Program of Study; the Kiphart Scholars Program in Global Health and Social Development; and the Education and Society program.

Coursework and workshops will target the development and collection of practice examples, self-reflection, re-reading experiences, sense-making of lived experiences. These artifacts will be validated with a broad range of stakeholders, including educators, students, and members of relevant NGOs.

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  • Micere Keels
  • Shipra Parikh
  • Jessica Darrow